Sustainable Plant-Based Health

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If you're feeling down and unmotivated, overwhelmed and anxious, exhausted and burnt-out, or all of the above, food and herbal support can help you immensely. Through a consultation with Michelle, your concerns will truly be heard; she will review your current diet and life situation, and she will support you throughout your journey to wellbeing. You will receive detailed meal plans and recipes to help restore your vitality and joy, as well as herbal recommendations and ideas for lifestyle changes to help you feel less stressed. Her unique background in nursing, herbalism, and nutrition provides a genuinely integrative approach.

Foremother Medicine uses a plant-based approach to overall health and wellbeing for individuals experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, mood swings, mild depression, and/or burnout. We educate individuals that plants contain powerful nutrients and medicinal constituents, and that through integrating whole foods and herbal preparations into one’s life, overall health will improve. Foremother Medicine takes a systemic approach to understanding disease and comprehensively looks at integrative, sustainable options, while collaborating with other providers. We understand that individuals are busy and thus help develop non-time-consuming, easy, effective ways to eat well and use herbs. With compassionate guidance, support and encouragement, we help people feeling overwhelmed achieve a sense of contentment, connectedness, gratitude, and a revitalized passion.



who we are

Michelle Becker, herbalist and RN, is the founder of and practitioner behind Foremother Medicine. She has studied at the California School of Herbal Studies and is currently enrolled in the Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College. 

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